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Code Acceptance checklist for Custom MOSS Solutions


Microsoft has a good checklist for code acceptance for developing Custom MOSS solutions. Below are some points with useful links

  • You avoid using AllowUnsafeUpdates. You use ValidateFormDigest() and, if necessary, use elevated privileges to interact with SharePoint objects. In cases where AllowUnsafeUpdates must be used, you ensure that AllowUnsafeUpdates is set to False in your try-catch-finally block, or you use a Dispose() method (as required by the IDisposable interface) to avoid security issues.What you need to know about AllowUnsafeUpdates (Part 1) What you need to know about AllowUnsafeUpdates (Part 2)
  • When logging code, you use the Portal Log class to log the SharePoint Unified Logging Service (ULS) logs.Trace Log Example from Microsoft
  • When using the Count property of a SPListItemCollection, you only call it once and then store it in a variable that you can refer to when looping. You do not call it inside a loop.


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