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How to index Complex URL's in MOSS


By default configuration SharePoint doesn't index pages with Complex URL's (Query Strings).  In most cases (intranet sites) this is acceptable but for Internet websites we would like MOSS to index all our dynamic pages also.

  1. Go to Shared Services Provider and Select "Search Settings"
  2. Select "Crawl Rules" and Create a New Crawl RuleEnter path of your SharePoint Site. If you have only one site with complex url's then it is recommened to enter path of that site.Make sure you select "Crawl complex URLs (URLs that contain a question mark (?))" and "Crawl SharePoint content as Http pages." If you don't select "Crawl SharePoint content as Http pages", SharePoint will not index Complex URL's (even if "Crawl complex URLs (URLs that contain a question mark (?))"  is checked )
Drawbacks when "Crawl SharePoint content as Http pages" is checked
  1. Item level permissions are not stored;  that means users might see results even though they don't have permissions to link/item/page.
  2. Crawler indexes all  application pages (_layouts folder ). Make sure you have a crawl rule (like *://*/_layouts/* ) to exclude all _layouts pages.
  3. Crawler treats the SharePoint Site as a regular Web Site and follows only the links it indexed (just like any other external Search Engine ). If you create a new page and publish it but didn't link it anywhere in your site this page will not be indexed.
  4. No metadata will be indexed.


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